IIS: Quantum cryptography

I was really curious to learn about quantum cryptography and its implications for the future, after Thomas revealed in the Skype chat that Google had achieved Quantum Supremacy. So I read up about it, and a computer scientist and blogger I trust—Scott Aaronson—who’s been aware of the experiments before its publication says it’s real and says it’s a big deal.

(Thomas, btw, has contributed with several interesting discussions in the chat.)

I actually worry about whether we’ll even have online banking in 20 years time. That’s where lattice cryptography and supersingular isogeny key exchange comes in. I just don’t know whether they really work as replacement for standard protocols.

Marius offered to discuss it, as he’s really into cryptography, but that was the final day before deadline, and I don’t have time! Maybe later at some point, because this cryptography course has been more interesting than I expected.

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